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Activity Weekends Days  and Holidays for Groups and Families

Multi-Activity Days & Weekends

There are so few opportunities to get a group of friends or family together - Whether it's a birthday activity day, a special event, anniversary or just getting a few friends together let us organise a fun and enjoyable multi-activity weekend!! event that everyone will remember for years to come..

Choose from one of the widest selection of outdoor adventure activities; water sports, climbing, caving, coasteering, archery, rifles, bushcraft and more... We have activities for everyone, regardless of experience.

Most Popular for Multi-Activity Days & Weekends

Birthday Activity Days and Adventure Weekends

Combine birthday celebrations with activities which are fun, exciting and different. We organise birthday activity days and adventures lasting from half a day to an entire weekend, for any number of people. Our instructors are all fully qualified and extremely experienced, and will ensure the activity day or weekend is suitable for everyone in your group. Click here for a full list of the activities available...

Family Activity Days and Weekends

Create a fun time for all the family the healthy way, enjoying plenty of exercise and fresh air. Come and join us for just for one of our family activity days or a family multi-activity weekend. Courses are designed to allow parents and children to learn at the same speed, helping and working together. We supply all the equipment, the instructors and create an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Activity Holidays for Groups, Families and Friends

Join us for just for a week long activity holiday, packed full of fun, adventure and excitement. Our activity holidays run every week during the summer and you can enjoy every activity we provide. Great for groups, families and friends.

Bushcraft Activity Days

Whether you have something to share and celebrate or just wanting to have fun with your friends, our bushcraft activity days are the ideal solution. These courses can be land or water based, taking a journey in one of our stable and safe open canoes. Learn basic bushcraft skills such as traditional firelighting and shelter building, have a BBQ lunch over an open fire, and make your own campfire bread.

Activities for Special Events

An anniversary, reunion, celebration, wedding or any special occasion can be enhanced with a unique outdoor activity experience. Combine any of the wide range of water sports and land based activities to suit your group.

Our instructors are not only highly trained and qualified but are very experienced with groups of all abilities, and they will ensure your special event is as special as it can be. Click here for a full list of the activities available...